The last rays of the sun

Photographed on Cockatoo Island. I went there for the Outpost festival. Which was host to some pretty amazing graffiti and some very unusual installations.

Holy Cockatoo Island, Batman!

The light from within

The girl with the blue umbrella

Bathing Belles

meteor shower

The Green Fairy


pooch by alison lyons photography
pooch, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

The Calm before the [ FIRE ] Storm

A man with Poise

Kicking the Bucket

Although it appears, disturbingly, that the boy's foot is on fire, it is, in fact, not. This is the bucket, just after someone kicked it, in an attempt to put the fire out. It didn't. Miraculously, no photographers, fire painters or small children were injured on the night.
Particularly when the "father" of the light painting troop was throwing flaming balls of fire to his young children to "catch". Isn't that called child abuse? :)

It was all going well until someone set fire to the kerosene in the bucket


Garry by alison lyons photography
Garry, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Garry told me he was there when the Grafitti artists painted this wall, and they included his name. How cool!

ATM girl

ATM girl by alison lyons photography
ATM girl, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

In town for the Zombie Walk, this girl was on her way home when she posed for the camera at Wynyard.


Haunted by alison lyons photography
Haunted, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

In a far away suburb in faraway Sydney rests a beautiful old house that has a long, colourful history. Built in 1882 and has been owned by the same family for the last 70 years. It rests on 4 acres, has been used in a Munsters movie as the facade of 1313 Mockingbird Lane and now lies in decaying silence, waiting for a new owner. Yes, it's for sale.

Forgotten Songs

Where the angels go.

Baby, I'm not Angry Anymore

Role Reversal

Mangoes... food of the Gods

Tasmanian Flax Lily

A woman's work is never done

The Fruit Seller

You raise me up

Woman with Barrow

Grevillia Ocularis

Echinoidea Leucospernii

So long, Steve Jobs


MR LIQUOR by alison lyons photography
MR LIQUOR, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Haunted House

Remember when the Circus came to town

A Field of Colour [ detail ]

A Field of Colour


tulip by alison lyons photography
tulip, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.


Crocolily by alison lyons photography
Crocolily, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Dragon's Teeth

Dinner at Ottoman's

Blue Pool

Blue Pool by alison lyons photography
Blue Pool, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Within Without

Scultpure space by James Turrell, seen at the National Gallery in Canberra

The King of the Jungle

The Australian Museum opened its doors the other night for an evening of fun and frivolity. The event, Jurassic Lounge was hopping with art, live music, drinks + new ideas, against a spectacular backdrop of dinosaur skeletons, precious gemstones + native animals.

The Australian museum, after dark and adults only!

A Rebellious Bride

It wasn't all dancing girls

Due to popular demand...

A Night at the Museum

An Unnatural History of Nature

Protea leucospermum

pixel protea

pixel protea by alison lyons photography
pixel protea, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.


Puerility by alison lyons photography
Puerility, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

I was standing outside the ice cream shop when I saw this arm walk past. I wasn't buying ice cream, I was looking for Stan who'd wandered off to buy a newspaper. The arm was attached to a young girl and she was attached to her boyfriend (or at least I think it was). I considered stopping her and asking if I could photograph her tatts, but the moment was lost.

"Did you see that girl's tatts?" I said as he returned. "I should have photographed them, but its too late now."
"Is it?" he replied, and we took off up the Mall with our cameras. But the couple were walking too fast and it was beginning to feel like we were stalking them. I lost sight of them anyway, amongst the saturday morning shoppers.

Heading back to the car twenty minutes later I saw her. She was walking towards me, down the centre of the mall. I asked if I could photograph her tattoos. She shrugged and said yes. It was only after I got home that I read the word Puerility on her arm.

1. Belonging to childhood; juvenile.
2. Immature; childish.
[Latin puerlis, from puer, child, boy;]
puer·ile·ly adv.
puer·ili·ty, puer·ile·ness n.

Gulliver's nap

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