A tint of pink

A tint of pink, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

By the light

By the light, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

By the light

...of the silvery moon.

"I got the Monday Backyard Bokeh Pool Fence Spider Web Blues"

A web for Spidy.

Fats Waller

Sarah's Red Velvet Cake

Morning Ballet

Morning Ballet, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Bathing Belle

Bathing Belle, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Not sure what the purpose of the hat was, it didn't seem overly watertight. Perhaps it was just to keep the sun off.

Morning Dip

Morning Dip, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

In the beginning

Stuck in the mud.

I don't know what I was thinking... sometimes the desire to "get the shot" overrides any sense of sanity. And it seemed like a good idea at the time, to walk out over the sand and take some photos. But just after I took this photo I sank half-way up my calves in mud... And got stuck.

Stop It! I can hear you laughing... it wasn't funny! I had visions of the tide coming in and me valiantly holding the camera above my head to save it. In the end I managed to get myself free, but stuck in the mud just behind that boat and about a foot underneath are a brand new pair of white (well they were) leather gym shoes, laces still tied. So appreciate this humble little photo... it cost me $100 in footwear, but luckily that was all. I can laugh about it now.

It had all gone horribly wrong...

... well this is how I was picturing my demise as I tried to get my feet out of the sticky mud, while trying to calculate when the tide would be coming in.

It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to.

Drilling Rig-keh

:: Drilling Platform ::

The Desalination ocean drilling rig in Frenchman’s Bay. The four pillars of the Seafox 6 reaches 65m above sea level, equivalent to a 22-storey building. Over the next 6 months, the jack-up barge will be deployed between 200m and 300m off Cape Solander - 2.5km seaward of the desalination plant site at Kurnell. It will spend six months drilling eight inlet and outlet shafts, up to 20m below the sea bed, to connect with the tunnels from the plant. The barge has been leased from a Dutch company and was towed from Singapore at 7km/h, arriving in Newcastle in February. Its arms will be extended downward to the ocean floor and the barge’s platform will be raised to about 10m above sea level. The drill is encased in steel and all sediment will travel upwards to the platform, to be stored in containers and later removed to minimise the environmental impact.

Minister for Desal, Nathan Rees has said that whales would avoid the structure when they return from northern waters in spring. “I have every confidence the whales will swim around it,” he said.

The total cost of the desalination project is estimated at $1.9 billion.

The Day of the Tripods

Rock Fall

Rock Fall, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Desalination at Dawn

And I'll show you a sunset...


tripod-keh, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

I’ve never liked tripods, I find them more trouble than they are worth. But I am falling in love with my new table top one. It’s good out in the field too. I sat it on top of a garbage bin the other night, and took some great sunset shots...
Ain't she cute!


Rosékeh, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

She tipped over her wine glass, deliberately, but the wine didn’t fall out.

“There.” she said. “I told you the world has turned upside down today, there’s the proof!” She folded her arms, daring him to contradict her. She knew he wore her body language like a second skin, that the argument would be over before it begun, that he wouldn’t be drawn in. Conflict hung around in the shadows momentarily poised.

“It’s not upside down, it’s only sideways.” He answered pragmatically. He chose not to comment on her folded arms. He chose not to notice the wine was clinging to the bottom of the glass defying the laws of physics. He chose not to see the things that were upsetting her.

They left the restaurant with the wine glass still on it’s side and when the waitress cleared the table there was a small stain on the tablecloth where the wine had slowly seeped out and left a very ordinary mark on the world.

The Speakeasy at the End of the World

Katie takes the stage...

as Mistress Arcadia. performing live on-stage (spoken word) tonight in Glebe at The Speakeasy at the end of the World

out to pasture

out to pasture, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

[ Living in a ] Fish Bowl

:: STAY ::

:: STAY ::, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

A weekend in the Hunter Valley vineyards... and all we wanted to do was stay.

For Jeremy

For Jeremy, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Today I attended a memorial service for Jeremy Doble. He was just 5 years old when he was tragically taken by a crocodile while playing with his brother at their home on the Daintree River on 8 February 2009.

My thoughts are with his family today and always.

:: Gluttony ::

:: Gluttony ::, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.