Haydarpaşa Railway Station Istanbul

I was saddended hear on the news this morning that a fire had engulfed the roof of the beautiful Haydarpaşa Railway Station in Istanbul.

"Istanbul's historic Haydarpasa train station has been severely damaged by a fire which engulfed the roof of the building.

The blaze broke out while restoration work was being carried out on the early 20th century structure on Sunday, officials confirmed.

Firefighters in fireboats battled the flames for several hours, using water cannons to extinguish the flames. There were no casualties in the incident, but the fire damaged 'most of the roof and the fourth floor according to Selami Ozturk, local mayor of the Kadikoy district.

The cause of the fire is now being investigated. Welding or an electrical short circuit is suspected.

Haydarpasa was built in 1908 on the Asian side of Istanbul, bisected by the Bosporus Strait, as part of German Empire’s ambitious Berlin-Baghdad railway project aimed at gaining control and influence in the region.

It is regarded as an architectural wonder, with flights of marble stairs leading to the ground floor from where passengers board trains from several tracks. The monument, covered by textured sandstone, sits on a foundation of hundreds of timber piles, hammered into the seabed.
Eyup Muhcu, head of Turkey’s Architects’ Chamber, said the building was considered to be a historic monument."

Daily Mail UK

Car Park

Car Park, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

"Thank God for the model cars, you know? If they didn't have the model cars they wouldn't have gotten the idea for the big trains."

Oh how the Mighty have Fallen

The last time I saw this guy he was sitting rather majestically in the midst of the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition on the beach at Tamarama, just south of Bondi (see image below). So I was surprised to see him 2 years later sitting on top of a shipping container outside a factory near my office. It makes the Sculptor's comments (below) even more poignant.

'on the beach'
Sculpture by Tim Kyle
Sculpture By the Sea 2008, Sydney

Artist's statement: My works is concerned with the mapping and recognition of the human condition. I use the figure as a metaphor for existence.

On the Beach

On the Beach, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.


Ghoul, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Witches Coven

Witches Coven, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.