Mercedes Gallery

Well, after an exhausting week at work, we "bumped in" my exhibition at the Mercedes Dealership in Chatswood at Morrison Motors. The exhibition will be up for two months, so if you are in the area, please drop by and check it out!

Exhibition Dates: 18th June to 14th August 2011

Morrison Motors: 748 Pacific Highway, Chatswood, Sydney

The House of the Witch

Projected Colour


Cleavage by alison lyons photography
Cleavage, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

The Long Wait

Just you and Me

... and the guy with the bike... and the street sweeper.

The Dangling Conversation

If you hadn’t married me

... you'd still be in the gutter.

Lady in Waiting

Optical Illusion

No this isn't a reflection... its another bride. Nothing like remembering that special day with another special couple in the background!

The came in Peace


Web by alison lyons photography
Web, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

I saw Leo Sayer when I was taking this photo. He was Rolling in The Rocks. He made me feel like dancing.

Actually, he started to walk into the frame... and apologised when he realised I was taking a long exposure. He had a cute way of talking. Seeing him meant More than I can Say. He wasn't wearing his Long Tall Glasses. He asked if he could help. I said "When I need you". I think I was a hit.

And now I want you to stand with your leg like this... OK?

Wedding Photo... enhanced by Landscape Photographer

"I thought you said this was a romantic spot, I'm putting my shoes back on."

Luckily the dress expands

Perched on a tiny plastic stool, her wedding dress all scrunched up, and dragging on the dusty Hanoi pavement, the aroma of freshly cooked donuts is too irresistible. The cyclo driver looks on and the ubiquitous motorbikes roar past. Behind her, the famous Metropole Hotel provides a favourite backdrop for Bridal couples. The photographer waits ... Brides get hungry too. This one has an expandable dress. She likes her donuts!

My Wedding Dress? You're standing on it!

He stood on her dress.

We stood on the pavement.

The traffic of Hanoi thundered around us.

The photographer waited.

His assistant bent to one side to demonstrate a pose.

The couple awkwardly mimicked.

People stopped to watch.

The couple smiled at my camera and
I pointed their gaze back to their photographer.

He took his shots.

He checked out mine and gave me the thumbs up.

Behind us,
another photographer,
another assistant,
another wedding couple
and another dress.

And behind them, another.

Spiralling into you


Gawaa by alison lyons photography
Gawaa, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

He entered the room like an Eskimo sheltering from the cold. His hands thrust into his pockets and his hoodie framing Shirley Temple curls. "You look like an Eskimo!" I blurted out. He laughed. He struck a pose. "You have an amazing face!" I said. "Can I photograph you?" He shrugged, "Yes" he said. He leaned on the counter and pulled a cheeky grin. "No, not like that." I said. "I want you to look mean."

He once was a herdsman in Mongolia. Now he lives in Sydney, as an Artist.


Gawaa by alison lyons photography
Gawaa, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Gawaa Haha!

Gawaa Haha! by alison lyons photography
Gawaa Haha!, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.


Giraffe by alison lyons photography
Giraffe, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

A haze of pink fog

Glebe Island Bridge

Glebe Island Bridge

The Boiler Room Boys


Snowtown by alison lyons photography
Snowtown, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Exit Stage Right

It was over thirty years since he'd stood on that stage... he couldn't remember whether it was "Robin Hood" or something involving a Toga... in any case it probably involved wearing a skirt. He thinks the exit was stage left.

The Great Hall

Thirning Villa

The House of Van

Ma, he's making eyes at me!

Telephone Deer?