Vietnam, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.


Anticipation..., originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

I'm forever blowing bubbles

I'd like to wish you all the best for the Silly Season. I am running away from home this Christmas to do what I love best. Travel and take photos. Going to Vietnam for a whirlwind 10 day trip... and I can't wait. These are a couple of photos from my last trip with my first DSLR the good old D70.
Enjoy these photos (clearly NOT taken by me) some of the happiest memories of my last trip to Vietnam. (you can tell how hot it was by how sweaty my hair looks... eek)

Happy whatever it is you celebrate day.

Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Bella Christmas

Bella Christmas, originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

I guess you can tell from the flattened ears and the forward pointing whiskers, she was not an overly willing participant of Christmas dress-up... She does however, always look perpetually startled.

It's beginning to look a lot like

... a Santa Claus Convention

order in the house

The Devil's Fiddler

Roby Lakatos - Sydney Opera House

Thanks to the new 28-300mm and a performer who allowed photography of his performance, I was able to get some great memories of a great performance. Usually photography is not allowed inside the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. Must be the gypsy in him!

Guess who graduated?

My gorgeous baby girl Graduated from University yesterday. And there was me thinking she was going to be a permanent student. She actually finished two Degrees two years ago, after 5 years of study. And has been buried in post graduated studies for the last two years. She now is the proud owner of a Bachelor of Creative Writing (Distinction) and a Bachelor of English (Distinction).

More cheese.

More cheese., originally uploaded by alison lyons photography.

Blessed at the Cheesemakers

OK... so my friend's daughter made this cheese... Yes, there are people out there who actually make cheese, at home. Homemade cheese... who would have thought. Well certainly not me. And it was fabulous cheese, all soft and gooey and delicious and tasting, well, like cheese. *sigh* Blessed are the cheesemakers... Truly!