Dragon's Teeth

Dinner at Ottoman's

Blue Pool

Blue Pool by alison lyons photography
Blue Pool, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Within Without

Scultpure space by James Turrell, seen at the National Gallery in Canberra

The King of the Jungle

The Australian Museum opened its doors the other night for an evening of fun and frivolity. The event, Jurassic Lounge was hopping with art, live music, drinks + new ideas, against a spectacular backdrop of dinosaur skeletons, precious gemstones + native animals.

The Australian museum, after dark and adults only!

A Rebellious Bride

It wasn't all dancing girls

Due to popular demand...

A Night at the Museum

An Unnatural History of Nature

Protea leucospermum

pixel protea

pixel protea by alison lyons photography
pixel protea, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.


Puerility by alison lyons photography
Puerility, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

I was standing outside the ice cream shop when I saw this arm walk past. I wasn't buying ice cream, I was looking for Stan who'd wandered off to buy a newspaper. The arm was attached to a young girl and she was attached to her boyfriend (or at least I think it was). I considered stopping her and asking if I could photograph her tatts, but the moment was lost.

"Did you see that girl's tatts?" I said as he returned. "I should have photographed them, but its too late now."
"Is it?" he replied, and we took off up the Mall with our cameras. But the couple were walking too fast and it was beginning to feel like we were stalking them. I lost sight of them anyway, amongst the saturday morning shoppers.

Heading back to the car twenty minutes later I saw her. She was walking towards me, down the centre of the mall. I asked if I could photograph her tattoos. She shrugged and said yes. It was only after I got home that I read the word Puerility on her arm.

1. Belonging to childhood; juvenile.
2. Immature; childish.
[Latin puerlis, from puer, child, boy;]
puer·ile·ly adv.
puer·ili·ty, puer·ile·ness n.

Gulliver's nap

kurri kurri pub

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch by alison lyons photography
Sunday Lunch, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

On your Shore

Giant Butterflies

I heart NY

I heart NY by alison lyons photography
I heart NY, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Ballarat Bertie

Dove is in the stair

St Francis Xavier

Face at the Door

Lost in Thought...

Waiting in the Town Hall

Carrier Arms Hotel Ballarat


Un-in-spired by alison lyons photography
Un-in-spired, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb


Guttered by alison lyons photography
Guttered, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

...and now
all that's left
are the browning flowers
to the nearest reflector post.

excerpt from a poem by Arcadia Lyons.

View on Black

You and me and a Beer


Sarah by alison lyons photography
Sarah, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

The Blue Boats of Essaouira

Three Wise Men


Kookaburra by alison lyons photography
Kookaburra, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

Luna Park

Luna Park by alison lyons photography
Luna Park, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.

The Guy with the Big Round Bright Orange Head

When I took this shot all I could think of was the joke about the Guy with the Big Round Bright Orange Head...

So here goes...

"A guy with a big round bright orange head was walking down the street with his girlfriend, and ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in years.

The friend said, “Hey, it’s been a long time! What in the world happened to your head?”

The guy said, “Oh, that. A few years ago I found a genie bottle in an alley. I rubbed it and a genie came out and granted me three wishes.

My first wish was to be independently wealthy, which I happily am.

My second wish was to have the most beautiful woman in the world. And, well, that explains my beautiful girlfriend.

My third wish — and this is where I think I may have gone horribly, horribly wrong — was to wish for a big round bright orange head.”

Its the kind of joke that divides people, you either think it is hysterically funny, or you don't get it. :)

Two Cockatoos (or... you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours)

I love my [not so new] Camper Twins

The Mines of Moria

I dreamt about this place the other night. It was a murky dream full of unresolved events and angst. But this scene was so vivid, that when I woke up, I couldn't remember if I'd only dreamt about it or if it was a place I'd really been to. I had a vague idea that it was in Wales. And sure enough, when I trawled through my photos I found this.

Its unusual for me to forget an image I've taken. Among the thousands and thousands of photos, I can pretty much always pinpoint the location. So it is curious why I should forget this place, given its unusual nature and sense of foreboding.

I couldn't remember exactly where in Wales this was... but from the chronology of my photos I knew it was located between Swallow Falls just outside Betws y Coed and Portmeirion. So I retraced my journey on Google Maps til I found it.

It is a disused Slate Quarry just outside LLanberis. I do remember, at the time, looking at the impossible gradients and wondering what kind of industry took place there. It felt as though the whole mountainside was about to slip and crash into the waters of Llyn Peris below.

Here's what Wiki has to say:

Urgur dancer

Urgur dancer by alison lyons photography
Urgur dancer, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.


Construction by alison lyons photography
Construction, a photo by alison lyons photography on Flickr.